Welcome to LOCOfilm!

We are happy to announce the official launch of LOCOfilm.com! This launch is possible due to the enormous contributions of the cast and crew who helped make our films. You can view samples of our previous work under the "film archive" tab.

This blog will keep our team and audience up-to-date with our projects. We are currently developing two short-format pieces. Nikki Loves Me, an exciting web pilot for a single-season dark comedy series, follows a young woman's attempts to become an adult despite a terrifying attachment to her childhood.  Lot Next Door, a community-oriented short film, sets a story of unlikely friendship in a dilapidated New Orleans neighborhood. We plan to conduct a Kickstarter campaign to help support the community that inspired its story. 

Both Nikki Loves Me and Lot Next Door will be shot in the New Orleans area during 2014. If you are interested in working on either project, please contact Russell@locofilm.com

Thanks and stay tuned for more from LOCOfilm!