LOCOfilm heads to Sundance 2014!

A quick update on our current projects and plans! LOCOfilm is heading to Sundance 2014 in a few days! Russell Blanchard will be volunteering at the festival, stop by and say hi anytime from January 15-20th at the MARC theatre! 

Russell will also be meeting with potential collaborators and old filmmaking friends throughout the 10 day fest, so if your in town contact him on Twitter (@RussellJoseph), Facebook or send an old-fashioned email! (russell@locofilm.com)

We had a very production week pushing our new project, The Lot, forward in a major way. We are very excited to hit the ground running in Feb. 2014 on a promo documentary style trailer that will lay the foundation for this exciting community based short film project. We will meet Baakir Tyehimba, it was his true story and efforts that inspired this film.

We hope all of you had a great holiday season and wonderful start to the new year! Keep creating, keep innovating and keep pushing forward. We are expecting great things in 2014 so never, ever give up pursuing your dreams. We won't.