THE LOT Update #1 - Our Journey Begins!

The Lot in Algiers

The Lot in Algiers

We are thrilled to announce that we are deep in pre-production on the short film The Lot. The director, Russell Blanchard, has been working on this project for over a year now and the pieces are finally coming together!

We've finished our first and second round of auditions, and feel very strong with how the cast is shaping up. Casting is such an integral part of making a film, and it is only when you officially have your cast when the film begins to come to life. We could not be happier with all of the local New Orleans talent that came out and wanted to be a part of our film. Big thanks to our casting director Jacques Soudelier for the successful auditions!

Over the next few weeks our production team, including the Director of Photography and Production Designer, will be hard at work finalizing the look for the film. Part of that will include filming a trailer. The trailer, along with another video introducing our films story and our crew, will be filmed to put on our crowd-funding campaign. That's right, in just over a month we will be launching a kickstarter to help fund the film! Funding for a film like this is so important in allowing us not only to have the support to tell the story the way we feel it needs to be told, but also to support all of the crew who will be dedicating their time and talent.

Stay tunes for updates leading up to our big launch!!